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Subermsible Pump Part Impeller

JetGuard Pump Is Frontline Defence for Mine Pump Systems

Yesterday I was inspecting a client’s underground mining site to find out more about the impact of Shotcrete fibres on their operation. I saw evidence that Shotcrete fibre mixed with wastewater has the potential to damage equipment well beyond the submersible dewatering pump. In particular, I saw helical rotor screens fitted to the hoppers to…

PumpEng JetGuard Award

JetGuard Submersible Pump Wins WA Innovation Grant

We’ve just been notified that PumpEng’s JetGuard® Submersible Pump is being awarded a $20,000 grant under the Western Australian Innovation Voucher program to increase mining productivity. The grant is designed to support the commercialisation of our JetGuard submersible Pump and we are delighted. The Minister for Innovation and ICT, the Hon Dave Kelly MLA, has…

Mining Shotcrete Stabilized Walls

Here’s A Submersible Pump Designed To Handle Shotcrete Fibres

  The Shotcrete Problem for Dewatering There is no doubt Shotcrete does a great job helping stabilise the internal walls of mineshafts. But the Shotcrete fibres create headaches for dewatering teams. Wherever Shotcrete is being used in mining and construction, small, tough Shotcrete fibres inevitably flow into the water and end up in proximity to…