Service & Support


Full service:

Includes Silver Support and Bronze Backup

1 year fully maintained as per Fair, Wear & Tear policy

All shotcrete wear / damage covered

No limit on number of services

Turn around Guarantee

Option to extend fixed price service contract


Support Level:

Includes Bronze Backup

All service and repair labour included - no limit on number of services

Priority turn around promise

Bronze Backup

Support Level:

1 year service contract

Trade-in option on a Pre-qualified pump

Max discount on parts

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Shotcrete fibre cause so many problems in pumps?

Shotcrete fibre is a major cause of submersible pump failures underground. Once the fibres are trapped inside your pump, they wear away the urethane and the fibres are forced towards the mechanical seal area and internal casing for failures.

Why is metal better than polyurethane?

A full metal pump is more resilient to the wear from Shotcrete fibres and coarse fines which tear urethane parts to pieces. The JetGuard®, full metal pump has no urethane parts and we expect will save you 40% in repair costs.

How does the hydraulic curtain work on the JetGuard® pump?

The hydraulic curtain is operated by reusing the water already existing in the sump. It is pressurised within the pump and then fanned out on the outside causing a wave of pressure on the surface of the water and under water.

Does reducing the pressure on the mechanical seal area really make a difference?

Yes, reducing the pressure around the mechanical seal area reduces failures.