JetGuard® Submersible Shotcrete Dewatering Pumps

Jet guard submersible pump

The new leader in underground dewatering submersibles with shotcrete management capability to help avoid clogged pumps.

It is a heavy-duty electro submersible pump with a high chrome impeller.

Underground mining, surface mining and general dewatering applications

JetGuard® is a submersible pump range for mining, construction and industrial dewatering.

The Right Pump For The Job


Shotcrete ready

PumpEng's innovative and patented design features allow the JetGuard® range to help reduce breakdowns resulting from exposure to Shotcrete fibres (particularly in underground mining environments).

Shotcrete fibres can create problems for unprotected submersible dewatering pumps if they clog or damage the pump, leading to breakdowns in individual pumps or pumping stations.

JetGuard®'s Three Pronged Approach To Handling Shotcrete Fibres

Keep Shotcrete out of the pump

Bottom Suction/Self Cleaning Strainer to minimise Shotcrete entering the pump.

Patented Hydraulic Barrier to keep Shotcrete away from the pump.

Minimise damage & allow pump to handle Shotcretefibres

All metal wet end construction that won’t tear or lift.

Directional cutting assembly to reduce size of Shotcrete fibres to a size that the pump can handle.

Top/bottom suction impeller allows for easier flow path through pump and hydraulic balance.

Reduce breakdown & maintenance costs

Modular design across models to reduce part holdings.

“Quick strip” wet end & strainer reduces maintenance downtime.

Mechanical seal in low pressure area, removed from the fluid path.

Non cartridge standard seal design protected by a rubber boot.

Dry run tolerance, water cooled/oil lubricated mechanical seal.

Jacketed to allow running on snore.

JetGuard® Unique Design Features

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Jacketed Stator - Snore Running Ability

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Hydraulic Curtain - Shotcrete Fibre Barrier

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Non Pressurised Seal - Longer Life

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All Metal Wet End - Less Wear

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Bottom Suction Strainer - Minimising Shotcrete Intake

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Double Suction Impeller - Efficient Performance

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Cutter Plate - Cuts Shot Fibres if Passed

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Dual Seal Cooling - Water and Oil to Reduce Temperature

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